Tereshchenko Alina

Tereshchenko Alina – the graduate of Economic lyceum of. Families of 2012. Now is a student Nazarbayev Universiteta where it is trained at School of sciences of technologies. In school days I was the honors pupil of study. I showed a great interest to studying of languages and the exact sciences. Repeatedly I took prizes in the Olympic Games and intellectual competitions of various level. In 2011 I became the finalist of the Presidential republican Olympic Games on physics. In 2012 Zharyn of a bolash қ" took the third place in the republican Olympic Games on the Kazakh language and literature ". Alina – purposeful, honest and responsible. Its vital credo - to achieve the objective if it really costs it, and to love people dear to heart, never to leave without the aid of those who needs it.

01 января 2001 г., 12:00


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