Smagulov Dias Amurovich Smagulov Dias Amurovich Graduate 2007 In 2007 he graduated from the "Prirechensky high school. Went in for sports. In the same year he entered the University on a speciality "Jurisprudence". In 2011 he completed his studies at the University and was invited to work at the University, Families , lecturer of the faculty of "Jurisprudence" . Professional experience: - April 2009 - November 2009 GFS NGO " Kazakhstan Association of young lawyers " : the specialist, the coordinator of the project "support initiatives of rural youth in rural areas with the support of the SE "Department of internal policy EKR ". - April 2011 - November 2011: during his studies University, he organized a public Foundation "community of young lawyers and the head of the project "improving electrolines and legal culture of youth " with the support of the state institution "Department of internal policy of ASD." Received awards: - 27-30 June 2012 for active participation in the Asian students ' forum "Education without borders Altai - Asia 2012 " - December 12, 2011 Prize of Akim of East-Kazakhstan region "for contribution to the implementation of the state youth policy " in the nomination "student leader of the year ". - September 6-7, 2011 for what was training in the framework of the seminar "the Role of compliance with labor and pension rights and guarantees in the development of democratic processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan " Ambassador, head of delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Kazakhstan, GFR "Zubr" Continues to exercise awarded medals in various sports are basketball and football. In 2013, he entered the graduate of the University, Astana, at this time, there is a practice in Poland.
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