Seysenova  Almagul Dauletkazykyzy was born in 1971 in Almaty. In 1978 she started school 5 and finished it with gold medal in 1988. In 1988 she entered the faculty of Russian language and literature in national schools of Kazakh State University named after Kirov in Almaty. After graduating from University in 1993 she started working as an assistant teacher at Kazakh Language Department in Kazakh Architecture – Construction Academy. 1993 –1998 – postgraduate at Kazakh State University named after Al-Farabi 1998 – defended Master dissertation and awarded the academic degree of a Master in Kazakh Language. 1998 - assistant professor at Higher Law School ’Adilet’ where she elaborated special programs and taught the courses ‘ Kazakh Language for Lawyers’ , ‘Clerical Work in State Language’’ Juridical Clerical Work’. She developed the Program of Kazakh Language for entering Magistratura in Law. 2002.- head of Summer Language school at International Business University. 2006 – got Diploma of lawyer. Translated a lot of articles on civil , common, administrative, criminal, international laws from Russian into Kazakh and published them in juridical journals. 2007- Chief of the Laboratory ‘Teaching Kazakh the children with special needs( inclusive education) ‘ at the National Scientific Practical Centre. She studied the children with limited opportunities and elaborated different methods for adapting them to life in society. Seysenova A.D. published more than 80 scientific and methodical works on culture, Kazakh language, comparative linguistics, social life, education for children with special needs and juridical themes and made big contributions in these branches of social and linguistics studies. The Master of Philology, assistant professor Seysenova A.D. cooperated with the Hero of Social Labour, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Honorable Teacher Rafika Nurtazina for many years. Their fruitful cooperation resulted in publishing a lot of works regarding the problems of development children’s speaking skills in Russian and Kazakh languages. One of these well-known works is the book ‘I learn, think, play!’, which was awarded the Independent Platina Tarlan Prize. Seysenova A.D. has been a scientific adviser of practical handbook ‘Human Rights in Getting Medical Aid’, created by the Open Society and Soros Foundation’s project ‘ Human Rights and Health’. As a lawyer- advisor she has done a lot for solution of disabled people ‘s problems. She is one of the members of “The Civil Work is the Social Service’ journal editorial team. As an author of international projects Seysenova A.D has been an expert of many governmental and non-governmental organizations’ programs of activity. She is invited to various considerable events and TV programs as an expert on civil rights.
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