Rystygul Kemebayeva

The school accountant won a trip to London

Rystygul Kemebayeva - the chief accountant of KGU "A gymnasium No. 6 of. Families" I became the winner of the republican competition "Superbukhgalter". Competition started at the beginning of September, 2014 and was carried out within three months. The first two rounds were held in absentia (on the Internet) and represented the questionnaire questionnaire. After selection rounds the final of competition was reached by about 200 people. All of them arrived to Almaty where already in the mode "online" of jury defined winners. "The gymnasium No. 6 of was "The best accountant of public sector" the nazvanaglavny accountant of KGU. Families" Rystygul Kemebayeva – she won the first prize - travel to London.

01 января 2001 г., 12:00


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