Gazyeva Tatyana Victorovna Studied at high school №of a 1 name Чернышевского from 1983. In 1993 finishing school with the certificate of the special standard, she entered a Семипалатинский university the name of Шакарима. Upon termination of his in 1997 got a red diploma on speciality "teacher of German". Taught in schools of city. In 2006 got the second higher education on speciality "bachelor of English", making off the university of "Families" the name of М. of Ауэзова also with a red diploma. In the same year went across to work in the native school the name of Н.Г.Чернышевского. For years work showed oneself as a literate teacher and responsible, decent man. Marked the deeds of Department of Formation of city and Горкома of trade Unions for long-term creative labour on business of education of rising generation. Her students attained heights on an object at the level of municipal olympiads of schoolchildren on bases of sciences and international internet-olympiads. Brings up two children also students this school, at that I am
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