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Ноябрь 16

We create good deeds! (2016-11-03 10:00:11)

Lyceum students of KGU "Economic Lyceum" took part in the share "25 good deeds" starting in honor of the 25 anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the share "25 good deeds" lyceum students organized a charitable Autumn ball - an auction.

Interesting tenders and competitions showed various talents of lyceum students: magnificent dancers and contractors of songs, artists. The compulsory provision – to provide the hand-made articles executed by the hands. Each class provided a suit and music turn of one of the people living in our multinational state – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion of an autumn action there took place the auction where it was possible to purchase hand-made articles. All proceeds decided to give as the help to the sick needing children.